Young Driver Car Hire

It is not easy for a young driver to hire a car in the UK. There are strict rules and regulations that make it difficult for the young drivers to hire cars. Learn more about these rules so you know what to expect when you go out to rent a car. You will need young driver insurance before you can get behind the wheel and drive your vehicle on the road.

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Young Driver Issues

Data shows that young drivers are more reckless in driving. They are not considered responsible and safe driver compared to their older counterparts. They often drive in excess of the speed limit which poses safety risks not only to them but also to their vehicle's passengers and other people on the road. Driving under the influence of alcohol is another problem with the young drivers. Most car driver insurance policies are void when the car driver responsible for the accident is found intoxicated. Young drivers are not careful in following safety rules like wearing seat belts. At the same time, all young drivers are not same so it is possible for the younger people to rent a car and obtain the young driver car insurance.

Young Driver Surcharge

Most car rental companies charge a surcharge when they let a car to a young driver. Individuals under the age of 25 are asked to pay this extra charge. It can go as high as £10-£15 per day depending on several factors. This amount increases the overall cost of car hire. It can make other travel options cheaper. A driver in the UK must be minimum 21 years old to hire a vehicle. A person must be 25 or older to hire a 7-seater car in the UK. There are several factors that affect if a young person can hire the required vehicle. The rental company wants to know how long the person has been holding the license and whether there are points or convictions on the license. The location where the vehicle is needed by the driver also affects the decision.

Minimum Requirements

A person aged 21 or over can hire cars in the UK. You must be holding your driving license for at least one year. Young drivers in the age group of 21-25 have access to only a limited selection of vehicles. Those under the age of 25 may have to pay the young driver surcharge. This surcharge is used to take care of expensive insurance coverage for a young driver. The surcharge can be as high as £36 per day.

Type of Vehicles That Young Drivers Can Hire

Young drivers can hire only certain types of vehicles that follow the ACRISS Code. It is a standard vehicle categorisation code used by vehicle rental companies in the UK. Individuals 21 and over can hire vehicles like Vauxhall Corsa, Citroen DS3, Skoda Fabia Estate, VW Golf and Vauxhall Astra Estate, among many others. Those who are 23 and over can hire all these vehicles and more. They can also hire vehicles like Skoda Rapid, Skoda Octavia Estate and Renault Kadjar, among many others. A limited type of vans can be hired by drivers 21 and over. A few more van options are accessible to drivers 23 and over.